Belarus is a post-Soviet country nestled in the middle of Central Europe. Until recently, as a result of its once nightmarish visa process and having the title of ”Europe’s Last Dictatorship” not much was known about the country. Today, the country has opened up considerably and thanks to the internet, Belarussian culture is being shared with the world. Which has inadvertently introduced a whole new realm of potato jokes.

potato jokes

For anyone who has visited Belarus, it is no secret that the warm, unique people of this fascinating country are passionate about one thing in particular: potatoes! The humble potato was originally brought to the country from Holland centuries ago. By the 19th century, the Belarussians had adopted the potato as a staple ingredient that found a permanent place in the heart of Belarusian cuisine.

Naturally, potato production in Belarus boomed during the era of heavy industrialisation under the Soviet Union. The era saw the country exporting half a million tonnes of potatoes per year and around a quarter of a million potato seeds. This left a lasting impression and these days, it’s currently eight on the list of all potato producing countries on earth, a significant feat for a country that is only 207,595 square kilometres.

Today, Belarussians eat more potatoes than any other country on earth. According to, Belarussians consume an average of around 180kg of potatoes every year. That’s almost half a kilo every day! The setting is ripe for potato jokes. We asked Belarussians to submit their favorite memes and potato jokes surrounding their country and we picked the best three!

3. Slut Shaming a Scantily Clad Potato!

potato jokes

This meme depicts Alexander Lukashenko, the controversial ruler of Belarus who has been in power since the mid-1990s, slut shaming a rather scantily clad Belarussian potato!

2. Potato jokes about Belarussian Pringles!

This meme shows a Belarussian potato coup of the popular chips brand Pringles. Instead of the Pringles man devised by Fredric Baur, it features a caricature of Alexander Lukashenko! Potato jokes aside here’s a fun fact about pringles: The iconic Pringles can that stacks chips in a uniform fashion rather than placing them together in a packet, was invented by Fredric Baur in 1966. Baur was so proud of his invention, that when he died in 2008 he was buried in one of his iconic Pringle cans. The original flavor of course!

potato jokes

1. The I Live in Belarus Starter Pack

potato jokes

This meme basically summarizes the main stereotypes about the people who live in Belarus: the ever-present aura of Alexander Lukashenko, the Russian Orthodox Church, and of course, the mighty potato!

On a darker note, Belarus is additionally known for its creation of one of the darkest movies of all time: Come and See. You can read more about it and other alternative Russian horrors in our popular article: The 5 Darkest Russian Horror Movies Ever Made.