Working for Eastern Europe Insight across the East often requires me to stay awake for long hours. As a result, I’m often forced to rely on energy drinks when the effects of coffee don’t do the job. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I have a sweet tooth. So when I found a caffeinated drink that’s also a popular ice cream flavor in Kosovo, I was keen to try it out!

Whilst braving the Pristina weather on a hot summer’s day in the capital of Kosovo, I came across Tai sweets which sells ice cream, candy, and other treats. Seeking an ice-cold respite from the heat, I started checking out the various ice cream flavors they had on offer. Taking my time to take advantage of the air conditioning inside.

caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor

Alongside the generic vanilla, chocolate, and other bog-standard ice cream brands, I noticed some fairly unique ones in the form of Caffeinated Drinks repurposed as an Ice Cream Flavor. Monster Energy, Red Bull, and the dubious Eastern European high caffeine drinks brands were all on offer with added sugar and cream.

”You can try a mixture of all three!” the young Albanian guy named Ardian working behind the counter said enthusiastically. I didn’t want to catch diabetes and I also did aim to sleep at some point that week, so I opted for a Monster ice cream.

caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor
An example of Monster ice cream being sold in ICE, Scotland. Picture: SWNS.

But whilst I expected an ice cream cone to be brought out, I was mistaken. The Caffeinated drink that’s also a Popular Ice Cream Flavor seemingly isn’t served like ice cream. Instead, it’s mixed into a sorbet. I had to see this up close and asked Ardian the eccentric Kosovan scientist if I could come behind the counter to watch, which he happily agreed to.

Ardian proceeded to throw four hearty scoops of ice cream into an old blender followed by a full can of Monster Energy drink. As the blender switched on, we waited for a rather awkward few minutes without talking as the noise filled the room. Once it was suitably blended, the energy drink sorbet was poured into a cup and served to me for 2 Euros.

”I learned it from Americans, of course!”

– Ardian

As the air filled with the sugar-rich scent of energy drinks and ice cream, I asked Ardian where the hell he got the idea for such a deadly drink. ”I learned it from Americans, of course! I was speaking to some American NGO workers here in a bar and told them that I worked in an ice cream store. They told me about various brands of caffeinated drinks which are also a Popular Ice Cream Flavor in the US. So I decided to start selling! I call it the Rebel Ice Cream”

It isn’t just in Kosovo where a caffeinated drink has become a popular ice cream flavor. In Scotland, Kyle Gentleman who owns an ice cream store named ICE in Falkirk created a Monster ice cream that soon went viral on social media. The flavor attracted international ice cream fans seeking to try it alongside his various other artisan ice cream flavors.

If you’re ever in Pristina and want to try out this Kosovan-Albanian range of energy drink sorbets, then I suggest you visit Tai Sweets on Simon Shiroka street. To make your own caffeinated drink ice cream flavor, there are various videos on Youtube that show you how to put one together. Go easy on them though!