In this article, we’re going to look at some wonderful Armenian phrases, sayings, and proverbs that can not only be heard in the oldest country on earth, but also amongst the Armenian diaspora spread across various corners of the world. The beautiful Armenian quotes and Armenian sayings in this list ranging from expressions of love and anger to patriotism for the Armenian nation, provide an insight into the Armenian soul and the culture of this ancient nation.

Armenian phrases

Nestled in the Caucasus mountains, the country of Armenia is a nation rich in ancient history and culture. It’s a well-known fact that Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. With artifacts uncovered in the mountains of Armenia taking their place amongst the oldest things on earth. Proving that Armenia is one among the countries which form the cradles of civilization and hence the birthplace of many short wise sayings.

10. There are only us and our mountains.

Similar to the old Kurdish proverb ”no friend by the mountains”, this Armenian saying refers to the sacred place the Caucasus mountains have in the heart of all Armenians. As Armenians are an inherently unique people surrounded by unique mountains scenery, it’s a patriotic saying that is often used by Armenian people to express the uniqueness of the Armenian country and nation.

9. You Do Not Have a Nose Hole.

This Armenian saying is similar to the English expression ”you haven’t got a clue”. It’s a slightly offensive saying reserved for people who aren’t the sharpest or show oblivious traits or lack of understanding in certain situations. For example, if you’re friend walks out into a Yerevan street without looking to see if a car is coming and almost causes an accident, you can say ”You haven’t got a nose hole”.

8. Armenian Phrases for Idiots – Cucumber!

Armenians have many curious ways to describe someone who isn’t the sharpest, oblivious, or downright silly. My favourite of all the Armenian sayings to describe some who isn’t the most intelligent or pretty useless is Cucumber, which literally translates to calling someone a cucumber!

7. My Soul Came Out!

This is an Armenian proverb to describe how you feel after a strenuous day of hard work. The English equivalent would be ”worked my fingers to the bone”. It’s meant to express that you’ve been working so hard that your ”soul came out” through exhaustion.

6. I Love You in Armenian – Let me die on your body!

This Armenian saying, which sounds very dramatic at first, is usually used to express your love for someone you adore. For example, this is often used affectionately by Armenian parents towards their children. In general, it’s used by older people towards younger people.

5. I swear on the sun of my mother or father!

When you want to make an oath, attest to the truthfulness of something, or wholeheartedly promise something to someone, this is a common Armenian saying to do so. In English, the equivalent saying would be ”I swear on my mother/father/or other close relatives”.

4. Armenian Phrases for Nonsense – Don’t iron my head!

Armenians use this saying to stop someone in their tracks when they feel they’re being spun a yarn or lied to. The closest English variant of such a saying would be ”don’t bullsh*t me” for example.

3. To Hang a Cute Face

This is an Armenian expression to describe someone who is visibly sad as humans sort of look down when we are sad. Similar English variants of such Armenian sayings would be ”Feeling down in the dumps” or ”a face like a wet weekend”.

2. To Look at Something Through the Space of Your Fingers

This is one of the Armenian sayings used to describe somebody who refuses to look at important topics fully or refuse to take them seriously. For example, if somebody refuses to believe in Global Warming despite not researching it in depth, this saying is an ideal way to describe such a person.

1. I want to die on a mountain breeze.

Alongside the wonderful Armenian people, the mountains of Armenia are one of my favourite aspects of the oldest country in the world. Thus, it’s only right to start and end this list of Armenian sayings with two deep expressions related to the Caucasus mountains.

Similar to the earlier expression of there are only us and the mountains, this saying is used by Armenians to express their love and patriotism to the country’s mountains of Armenia. Unlike many post-Soviet countries, some of which surround the Black Sea and have access to almost tropical islands, Armenia is a largely mountainous and landlocked country, the mountains are seen as the stronghold of the Armenian soul. So much so that there was even a famous song sung about this saying.