If you’ve ever travelled across Eastern Europe and been lucky enough to come across a Slav party, then you’ll likely know how fun and wild they can get. Recently, one of our followers on Facebook submitted various epic photos to us of parties that have taken place across Russia and Eastern Europe from the mid-1990s onwards.

We picked out the ones that were our ultimate favorites and decided to share them with you. So, enjoy these 10 epic photos of Slav parties in the wild east! To experience the crazy goings in Eastern Europe for yourself, stay tuned for our range of upcoming tours to the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, and beyond!

10. Russian Police Drinking Beer

This candid photo snapped of a Russian police squad shows officers behind a wall enjoying a few cold ones. Whilst they should be protecting and serving, to be fair, chasing indestructible Lada cars all day in vain can be thirsty work!

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

9. Post-Fight Meal in Russia

This amusing photo shows three young guys enjoying a meal in a traditionally decorated house somewhere in rural Russia. If you look closely, you’ll see that the guys to the left and right to the one in the middle are looking rather sheepish and sporting various fighting wounds. Clearly they’ve been partaking in a pre-dinner brawl shortly before the photo was taken.

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

8. The Young Pioneers Rise Again!

This photo, taken in a post-Soviet country that isn’t clear, shows two guys in a rural village enjoying some local alcohol through a Young Pioneer trumpet. An iconic youth organization back in the Soviet Union, as well as a current travel company specialising in North Korea tours, this was not how the Young Pioneer trumpets were intended to be used. But as the organization is largely defunct except for a handful of countries, I say let these guys have their fun!

Young Pioneer Tours

7. Epic Photos of Guns and Vodka in Ukraine

This photo, taken in a faily tough housing project somewhere in Eastern Ukraine, shows a group of local guys hanging out, having fun, and drinking some local vodka with snacks. The joker of the group, on the right, is brandishing a handgun and apparently about to unload it into the air. After all, a collection of epic photos of Slav parties wouldn’t be complete without a celebratory burst of gunfire into the air!

Guns in Eastern Ukraine

6. Veterans Day in Russia

Every year, Russia holds various events and holidays for its military veterans. Alongside the enormous event of Victory Day on the 9th of May, there is days dedicated to the Russian Airborne, the Border force, the Army, the Navy, and other branches. The following photo shows Russian troops of the Border Guard of Russia having celebrated a bit to hard, but completely understandable to make the most of one day of the year dedicated to you and your colleagues!

Veterans day russia

5. A Bucket of Red Caviar in Transnistria

The following photo was apparently taken in Transnistria, the Russian-speaking breakaway state in Europe’s least visited country of Moldova. It shows an ethnic Russian man enjoying an ice-cold glass of local vodka. In front of him is a literal bucket of red caviar. Because who needs bowls and plates?

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

4. Epic Photos in a Soviet Apartment Block

This photo in an apartment block in one of the former Soviet Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia shows a group of Gopniks enjoying some traditional snacks and Russian vodka in an old school Soviet apartment block.

gopniks 10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

3. Russian Women Enjoy Beers in Novosibirsk

This is one of my all-time favorite epic photos from the Russian-speaking world. Apparently taken in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, it shows a group of middle-aged Russian women enjoying a couple of beers on a balmy summer evening. They are chilling on the roof of a Soviet apartment block and in the background is the iconic skyline of a classic Russian industrial city. It’s simply a peak aesthetic.

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

2. Sleeping it off in Georgia

Judging from the diary and paperwork in the hand of the man closest to the camera, I assume that these two friends look like they’ve had some free time whilst waiting to take care of some admin or paperwork. To kill some time, they’ve enjoyed a few too many beverages and collapsed in a precarious position in the street. Likely missed their appointment, mission failed.

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

1. Epic Photos of Russian Girls and Russian Beer in Moscow

To round off our list of epic photos of Slav parties across the Russian speaking world is this great photo of Russian girls who have just taken part in a clearly strenuous event. In order to take the edge off they have found a quiet spot in Moscow to enjoy some ice cold cans of Baltika beer.

10 Epic Photos of Slav Parties in Eastern Europe

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of these ten weird and wonderful epic photos of parties that have taken place in times gone by in Eastern Europe. Spare a thought for the hangovers likely suffered by some of the characters in these photos. For more photography from Eastern Europe, be sure to check out our dedicated photography department!